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Porcelain Beads are particularly dazzling because of the methods of firing and high temperature used in the creation process. Porcelain beads are fired at slightly higher temperatures than other materials, such as ceramic, and the temperature and glaze create a glossy look on the bead that will give any design a desirable sheen. The glaze also serves as a protective coat, making the beads more durable than most realize. Porcelain beads can be used for pendants on necklaces or used to string an entire necklace. Porcelain is popular because of its hand-painted aspect. Colors are often soft, yet striking, and create a look that appears extravagantly expensive. In addition to the wide range of colors, porcelain also comes in a variety of shapes. Most artists can create good consistency in porcelain beads; however the handmade nature of them does give each bead a unique aspect because of the slight variations they will contain. Porcelain beads make great accents to necklaces of other materials because their vibrant coloring makes each bead look like a signature piece of art. The wide array of colors available in porcelain beads mixes well with everything from gemstones to crystal. Porcelain beads also have a weight that makes them easy to use in a number of different projects.

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