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Crafted by skilled bead artisans, lampwork beads are among the most popular types of bead in the world. Formed by heating glass until it becomes molten, lampwork beads are amazing works of art. The term "lampwork" came from centuries ago when oil lamps were used to create the necessary heat and flame for melting glass. Through the melting process, other colors and shapes can be added to the beads or they can remain singular and shaped into a variety of forms. Because of the shapes that lampwork can create and the glamorous glass look it provides, lampwork beads also make great pendants in necklace designs. Lampwork beads, also called "flameworked" beads, can come in any shape, size and color. Generally quite affordable, lampwork beads are a great choice for jewelry makers because of the beauty they bring and the ease with which they can be obtained. Lampwork is beloved not only because it can come in every shape, size and color imaginable, but because it is great for creating many styles of jewelry, from whimsical, light-hearted pieces to stately, elegant treasures. Lampwork beads are typically very durable because of a process called annealing, which entails heating a piece of glass until it reaches the point at which it becomes less brittle, making the internal part of the glass as strong as the exterior.

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