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Beaded necklaces offer such a wide variety of possibilities, finding the perfect one for you can be quite an exciting adventure. Like their counterparts, beaded bracelets, necklaces fashioned from beads have been worn for thousands of years. Beaded necklaces can be made from wood, seeds, plastic, resin, glass, numerous precious metals and gemstones. If you have a necklace design idea, there's very likely to be a material that will help you carry it out perfectly. Many beaded necklaces mix styles, combining multiple beads from a variety of materials for looks that offer contrasting and complementing styles. Additionally, there are woven styles that offer a technical, modern feel through the interweaving of beads in interesting and creative ways. Beads are readily available and are typically inexpensive, allowing designers affordable access to endless choices for their designs. With so many options, beaded bracelets can be used to meet a number of style demands. A special hand-crafted beaded necklace can be created to match a special outfit or even to commemorate a special occasion. Beaded necklaces also make great gifts because the range of possibilities means there is surely something perfect for any recipient. Because they are able to capture an individual's sense of personal style, beaded necklaces will always remain very popular.

Beaded Necklace - Howlite / Turquoise Color
Price$15.88 / 20 Strands
Beaded Necklace - AB Amber Glass / Brass Beads
Price$20.49 / 10 Necklaces
Beaded Necklace - Multicolor / Glass Beads
Price$18.44 / 15 Necklaces
Beaded Necklace - Dyed Gemstones / Red Agate
Price$38.41 / 5 Necklaces
Beaded Necklace - Red Agate / Brass Clasps
Price$38.41 / 5 Necklaces
Beaded Necklace - Handmade / AB Black Glass
Price$20.49 / 10 Necklaces

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